October DAISY Nurse Named

Congratulations to Denise Schoen, RN, October’s DAISY Nurse award winner! A patient’s sister nominated her with these words: I met Denise when my 72-year-old sister had to be certified to the behavioral health unit at Meritus Medical Center earlier this year because of her worsening dementia. Denise spent an hour talking to me in the visitors’ lounge, listening to my concerns, explaining what happened and why and also helping me realize I was doing my best to help my sister, but that she needed more than I could offer. Denise talked honestly about options I needed to consider and helped me realize what I could do. I was impressed with Denise’s clinical knowledge and skills, but I was especially impressed with the concern and compassion she showed for both my sister and our family. She so obviously found joy in the work she was doing. She said she loves working with mentally ill patients and works extra time whenever she is needed. She is a role model for all nurses, so when I saw the DAISY Nurse award, I knew I wanted to nominate Denise so she could be publicly recognized by her peers for the outstanding nurse she is.