Beth Doyle, RN, named June DAISY Awardee

Beth Doyle, RN, was recently named the June DAISY Nurse at Meritus Medical Center. Her colleague nominated her by saying, "I recently had a terminally ill patient who was moved to Hospice/Palliative Care at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. Shortly after (receiving the terminal diagnosis), the patient and his family expressed a strong desire for him to go home, so that he could die surrounded by his family and loved ones. I honestly didn't know if this patient would survive the night, so I considered it imperative that we make every effort to honor his request and get him home that day. When I told (Beth, his case manager,) the situation, she put down her coat and went straight to work. She even took it upon herself to pick up prescriptions for this family so that they wouldn't have to stop on their way home. Beth personifies Meritus Health's vision and values. She continually places the needs of our patients before her own."

Other nurses nominated for the June DAISY Nurse included Susan Albert, Evelyn Kloos, Susan Lyons and Sheila Richter.

Meritus Health's DAISY nurse recognition program is sponsored by the family of Jean Toms, RN. Nomination forms can be found in every nursing unit and department at Meritus Medical Center.