August DAISY Nurse Named

From a Meritus Health employee—

I would like to nominate Kathy Martin from the critical care unit as a deserving recipient for the DAISY award after observing the compassionate and professional care my father received. My family and I felt such comfort with her excellent care, knowledge and soft-spoken way. One of the hardest experiences of my life, to spend days with my dying father, was definitely made easier knowing Dad would have Kathy spend three days with us. My family and I felt so fortunate that we could spend every precious moment with Dad, as Kathy would continue her care with us present and explain all treatments in details concerning diagnosis, ventilator, medications, etc. What a difficult decision—removing the ventilator from a loved one—but Kathy spent time answering all our concerns, giving us all the time and answers we needed. One of her strong qualities was letting us do everything at our pace to be sure we felt comfortable with our decision. We were blessed to spend three wonderful hours with Dad after he was taken off the ventilator. Dad spoke to all his family and laughed as he always did before his illness. For a brief time, my dad was Dad again! We were ready to let go and let him rest. I know Kathy also prepared us for this in her own special way. Kathy is an amazing nurse!