Parish Nursing

The parish nurses of Meritus Health invite you to join them in this exciting ministry!

Parish nursing (or faith community nursing) is a specialty practice that has been recognized by the American Nurses Association since 1998. Parish nurses have the unique opportunity to teach and encourage parishioners of all ages to become active partners in the management of their health.

Parish nursing services are designed to build and strengthen the capacities of families, individuals, and congregations to understand and care for each other in light of their faith traditions and relationships to the faith community.

What is a Parish Nurse?

A parish nurse is a licensed registered nurse who practices in a faith community. Parish nurses assist congregational members to gain and/or maintain optimal mental, physical, and spiritual health by serving as

  • an integrator of faith and health;
  • a health educator;
  • a health counselor;
  • a referral agent;
  • a health advocate;
  • a trainer of volunteers;
  • a developer of support groups.

While parish nurses act as a vital link between the faith and medical communities, they do not directly provide medical care.

Educational preparation for this specialty practice of nursing is required. For more information about parish nursing or educational preparation, please contact Wendy Zimmerman, Parish Nurse Coordinator.

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