Meritus Hematology and Oncology Specialists

Medical oncologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer using chemotherapy and other targeted therapies. The oncologists at Meritus Hematology & Oncology Specialists help patients understand the meaning of cancer stages, treatment options, treatment side effects and risks and lifestyle changes. They work closely with patients to develop the right course to treat their cancer, relieve their symptoms and improve their lives.

Compassionate cancer care close to home

The board certified physicians at Meritus Hematology & Oncology Specialists treat all types of cancer including blood disorders. Playing the primary role in the care of cancer patients, our oncologists collaborate with pathologists, radiologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists to create customized treatment plans for patients.

Located in Hagerstown, patients receive advance cancer care in a community setting where our specialists develop a strong doctor-patient relationship. We understand that fighting cancer is a journey—and a time when seeing a familiar face at every appointment builds trust.

A referral from a primary care provider is necessary prior to seeing one of our physicians. Meritus Hematology & Oncology Specialists are also available to offer second opinions.

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