Your Gift Changes Lives

Why Giving Matters

Imagine not knowing where to turn during an emergency or having to choose between rent and living expenses or quality health care. Believe it or not, there are many members of our community who go without checkups, preventive screenings, or even emergency care until it's too late. Wellness is achievable with the right care and treatment.

Our community can be healthier. We can break the cycle that poverty causes on a community's health. Through education, access to the right care, technological advances and treatments that change outcomes we are seeing lives change, people return to work, families healing and the next generation beginning to take actions that will create a better society. Your donation to Meritus Health is making this possible.

Please contact us for a copy of the Meritus Healthcare Foundation's current financial statement.

How does my donation matter?

These are true stories of how Meritus Health has helped change people’s lives with help from generous donors.

  • Patient Access to Care – Sherri is in a constant fight with her body because of a disease known as Tourette's Syndrome. The symptoms of Tourette's vary with each individual, but for Sherri they show up in the form of uncontrollable ticks that can occur all day long. The Medication Assistance Center makes it possible for her to receive the medications she needs to go to school, stay well and maintain employment.
  • Technology and Equipment –When people think of hospital technology and equipment, large expensive pieces of equipment and complicated software packages come to mind. But, a $56 donation from fifth and sixth graders at First Christian Church in Hagerstown, MD used to purchase bubbles and pinwheels is helping young asthma patients learn to breathe.
  • Education – In our ever-changing health care environment, Meritus Health knows that continuing education is the key to enhancing a nurse's ability to provide the highest quality care. The type of care our nurses strive to provide every day and every time for every patient.
  • Improving the Health of Our Community – When the Washington County Board of Education looked for a partner to provide health care to the county's 22,000 students in 47 schools, Meritus Health responded. Meritus Medical Center nurses and health staff treat 500 to 700 students each month in school health rooms. Learn more

Every Gift Makes a Difference!

Every dollar raised through donations is directly applied to programs and initiatives that help improve the quality of health care services, promote wellness and preventative health care, and enhance the quality and delivery of health care for our community. Your support helps maintain Meritus Medical Center's promise to improving the health and quality of life for individuals within our community.

Keeping a promise is as important as making it. With your support, we can help ensure that the health needs of our community are met today and continue to be met for generations to come.

Education Improves Outcomes

Meritus Health knows that continuing education is the key to enhancing a nurse's ability to provide the highest quality care. The type of care our nurses strive to provide every day and every time for every patient.

If you or a loved one have ever experienced being in a hospital, then you know there is no better comfort than having a skilled nurse. A nurse who can provide high-quality compassionate care, the foundation of the healing process.

We invite you to recognize and support our nurses by making a gift to the Nursing Education Fund.

Your support means:

  • Advanced training to anticipate patient needs
  • Improved outcomes for our patients
  • Ongoing education resources to improve safety and reduce injuries to both nurses and their patients

With your support, Meritus Health can sustain its level of providing quality care through an investment in one of our most important resources — our nursing professionals.

Nurses are not just a special group of people. They are individuals who are leading the way in patient-centered care. Learn more about nursing initiatives in the Nursing Annual Report.

Ways to Give

Community support allows us to continue to provide programs and services that strengthen the health of the community. Meritus Healthcare Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which means your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

Donate online

Donate by Mail

Please make your check payable to Meritus Healthcare Foundation, and mail it to:

Meritus Healthcare Foundation
11116 Medical Campus Rd, Suite 3977
Hagerstown, MD 21742

Donate by Phone

Call Meritus Healthcare Foundation at 301-790-8631 to make a credit card donation by phone.

Become a Corporate Partner

Each year, Meritus Health cares for more than 280,000 patients through our extensive network of providers and services. When a patient arrives at Meritus Medical Center for treatment, they count on finding skilled medical staff ready to respond, providing the latest treatments and utilizing the newest equipment available. All of our patients, regardless of circumstances, are provided with professional care and treated with the utmost respect.

Support from our corporate partners helps Meritus Health remain financially strong and prepared to respond when your employees and customers need us most. Together we are building a healthy and prosperous community.

The Corporate Roundtable at Meritus Healthcare Foundation is an annual single-ask program that allows partners to be recognized for their investment in wellness initiatives like patient emergency assistance, childhood obesity prevention, community education, and new medical equipment. The Corporate Roundtable partners are providing for medical services in our community that would be otherwise unattainable without their support. Corporate Roundtable members help to ensure that Meritus Medical Center can thrive in the competitive and ever-changing health care market and continue to meet the medical needs of the community.

Colleague Giving

Our culture is driven by the values of teamwork, stewardship, accountability, integrity, advocacy, and innovation. Our employees personify the caring culture that Meritus Health is known for.

The Colleague Giving Club is the employee giving campaign that supports programs like the Patient Assistance Fund, Nursing Education, Medication Assistance, and more. Our employees believe so strongly in what happens at Meritus Health that they are willing to support it above and beyond their everyday work.

Click here to learn more about Colleague Giving.

Tribute Gifts

Celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, or just saying thank you, can be an opportunity to make a contribution honoring a family member, special friend, health care provider or someone dear.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts provide a meaningful and lasting remembrance for loved ones. When you make a memorial gift, you not only offer consolation to the family in a way that will provide a lasting tribute, you help strengthen programs and services needed to serve our community.

Meritus Healthcare Foundation will promptly send a notification to the person or family you identify. (We will not disclose the amount of the gift.) We will also send you an acknowledgement letter recognizing the tribute made by your gift. For more information about how to make a tribute gift please contact the Foundation Office at 301-790-8631.

Mail a Memorial or Tribute gift to:

Meritus Healthcare Foundation
11116 Medical Campus Road, Suite 3977
Hagerstown, MD 21742

Leave a Legacy

In 1905, M.P. Moller's family had outgrown their home. He generously donated the house to become the "temporary location" for a new Washington County Hospital. The community came together providing funds and man-power to renovate his Victorian home into a 10-bed hospital. Our first patient was admitted on October 26, 1905.

We have grown and expanded many times since that first generous donation. But our mission remains as focused and as strong as ever – to provide the best health care for our community.

Mr. Moller established his legacy by creating a culture of philanthropy in our community. Through the 1905 Legacy Society, your planned gift continues the spirit of generosity he began so long ago.

1905 Legacy Society

We would be honored to include you as a member of the 1905 Legacy Society. Your generous provision ensures good health for the community, excellent medical resources and staffing, and the best care possible for generations to come.

Please contact us if you:

  • Have provided for Meritus Health in your estate plans
  • Established a charitable gift annuity or other planned gift
  • Would like more information on how to include Meritus Healthcare Foundation in your estate plans

To join the 1905 Legacy Society, receive more information, or to speak to one of our professional planners, please contact the Foundation office at 301-790-8631.