Certified Nurses

Nurses spend the most time with patients and have an enormous effect on patient care. That’s why more and more nurses obtain nursing certification in specific clinical areas.

Nursing certification benefits patients and their families and proves that nurses caring for them possess the experience, knowledge and skills in the complex specialties of acute care nursing.

For Meritus Health nurses, certification represents continuous improvement and the advancement of quality of care that benefits patients and the community.

“Obtaining my med-surg certification has increased my knowledge of medical surgical nursing and improved my ability to care for acutely ill patients,” says Leslie Zimmer, B.S.N., RN-BC. “It also has helped me utilize better judgement in critical situations."

Nurses achieve certification credentials through specialized education, experience in a specialty area and a qualifying exam administered by a certifying agency such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center or ANCC. The preparation and testing for nursing certification pays off: nurses remain current with the latest evidence-based practices and knowledge in a clinical specialty and expand their skills.

“Certification is really a validation of nurses’ experience and their continued commitment toward education and excellence in nursing practice,” says Sarah Harne-Britner, D.N.P., RN, ACNS-BC, director of professional practice.

See what some of our nurses have to say about being certified.

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