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A Birthday Wish Come True

Many patients in critical care face an uphill journey to overcome health challenges. Amidst the monitors, ventilators and IV infusion pumps, hope can feel unreachable. But not for Remo, a critical care nurse.

“I see what families go through,” says Remo. “What I offer is the human touch to get them through the most difficult of times.”

An uphill battleRemo Rios, RN

A series of infections brought Charlie to Meritus Medical Center’s critical care unit. While fighting pneumonia, Charlie used a tracheostomy to breathe, but for six long months it left him unable to speak. More than anything, Charlie’s daughter wanted to hear his voice again—and so did his nurse, Remo. Working with intensive care physicians and respiratory therapists, Remo helped build Charlie’s strength so he could breathe on his own.

Best day ever

The timing could not have been better. On the day before Charlie’s birthday and while his daughter was in the room, Remo removed the trach tube and switched Charlie to a speaking valve. Charlie looked at his daughter and spoke his first words in many months. “I watched her face melt with joy,” says Remo. “Her reaction was one I’ll never forget.”

Remo’s dedication to his patient helped make a birthday wish come true.