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Compassion for pregnant women coming out of addiction

Pregnancy is a time of joy, change and anxiety, but for women who are overcoming addiction while pregnant, they face another emotion: the stress and stigma of opioid dependence.

Thankfully, area treatment centers are available to help people with opioid use disorders—and thankfully, there’s Lori.

Nurse, teacher, partner

Lori always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s why she works outside the hospital at community methadone treatment centers providing education to mothers and moms-to-be about the signs and symptoms a baby will show after birth and how to help babies through the withdrawal period. And she listens to their backstories, anxieties and fears.

“These moms have a lot of stressors in their lives,” says Lori. “We provide them with coping skills and knowledge to assist them through the difficult transition of life with a new baby.”

When Lori meets moms-to-be at the clinic, she paves the way for their transition to Meritus Medical Center for the birth of their baby. As a result, women feel more confident about coming to the hospital and know they have a trusted partner in Lori and a staff that will truly care for them.

A brave new world

Nurses like Lori believe in giving back to the community. At the treatment center, she prepares women for motherhood and instills hope. As a trusted partner, Lori encourages them and leaves them with two thoughts; you’re worthy and you’ll be a great mom.