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Helping a Family Through Adversity

Leroy became a nurse to help people through tough times. On the hospital’s telemetry unit, he cares for at-risk patients who require constant monitoring and ensures his patients get a restful, healing night.

Navigating the unexpectedLeroy Mourer, RN

However, some nights are not so peaceful and the unexpected happens. “Sometimes I have to walk people through the worst time of their lives,” says Leroy. When his patient passed away after fighting a chronic disease, he drew on his own experience of losing a loved one and extended his hand to the grieving son and daughter.

When words are not enough

To help the siblings come to terms with their mother’s passing, Leroy encouraged them to share stories of their mother’s love. Into the early morning hours and long after his shift had ended, Leroy comforted the son and daughter, connected them to spiritual care services and offered advice on next steps. A compassionate nurse, Leroy gave the family the time, space and presence needed for when words are not enough.

“At the end of every shift, I want to go home knowing I’ve helped someone.” During a long, sorrowful night, Leroy did just that.