Class of 2025

Class of 2025

Talia Barnes, D.O Talia

Talia Barnes, D.O., graduated from Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific located in Pomona, CA in May of 2022. Talia received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon. Her hometown is Albany, Oregon. Talia has been a yoga instructor for over 10 years. She is an independent musician, and plays multiple instruments. She enjoys hiking and exploring wild landscape of Oregon. Talia practices recreating standard meals out of only fresh, raw vegan ingredients. She values nurturing relationships by making a real effort to consistently communicate with friends and family. Talia is looking forward to becoming a family physician who places patient wellbeing as the center of her purpose.

Ariel Lim-Sharpe, D.O.Ariel

Ariel Lim-Sharpe, D.O., graduated from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, PA in May of 2022. She received a Master of Science in Medical Science from the University of South Florida. She also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Ohio State University. Ariel’s hometown is Shalimar, Florida. She grew up in Maryland, and currently resides in Frederick, MD. Ariel enjoys watching sports as well as playing sports. She also enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, and music trivia. Rock and country are her favorite genres of music, and she has seen over 100 bands. Her mother is a pediatrician, which introduced her to pursuing a career in medicine. Her clinical rotations have fostered a desire to serve the underserved communities. Ariel is looking forward to celebrating her patients’ successes with them as well as working relentlessly to find an approach that will work for patients who are struggling.

Joseph Outmezguine, M.D.Joseph

Joseph Outmezguine, M.D., graduated from the University of Wollongong Graduate School of Medicine located in Wollongong, Australia in December of 2021. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland. His hometown is Rockville, MD. Joseph is a certified pilot and enjoys aviation. He is a Founding Member/Director of the Baby Heart Foundation. His medical school experience provided him the opportunity to gain significant exposure within primary care settings in rural areas leading to his profound interest in family medicine. He has a strong desire to deliver the highest quality of evidence-based, patient-centered care. Upon conclusion of residency, Joseph’s career goals include pursuing a community-based family practice where he is able to maintain an active role in medical education.

Viraj Patel, D.O. Viraj

Viraj Patel, D.O., graduated from Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, VA in May of 2022. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Maryland. His hometown is Potomac, MD. He speaks English, Gujarati, and Hindi. Viraj’s hobbies and interests include listening to crime and mystery podcasts, trying out different foods while exploring restaurants, hiking various trails, and playing table tennis. He participated in medical mission trips to Nicaragua and India. He enjoys building relationships with local residents and learning about their lifestyles. From these connections, he learns about the human condition and expands his social and cultural competence. Viraj aspires to join a stimulating environment with like-minded individuals who will encourage him to grow into an adept trustworthy physician.

Ralitza Tacheva, M.D. Ralitza

Ralitza Tacheva, M.D., graduated from Jagiellonian University Medical College located in Poland in May of 2022. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Temple University. Her hometown is Paoli, PA. She speaks English, Bulgarian, Polish, and Spanish. Ralitza’s hobbies and interests include tennis, outdoor activities, traveling, and environmentalism. Ralitza served in the Medical Reserve Corps during the pandemic. During medical school, she had the great privilege of working with a family medicine physician who taught her the importance of treating all patients with compassion and kindness regardless of age, socio-economic status, or health while being a part of their lives from an early age through adulthood. She is passionate about looking beyond the diagnosis and learning about her patients’ lives. Raliza’s career goals include becoming a physician her patients turn to when they need a trusted source of knowledge, support, and help.

Ali Zarandazchi, M.D. Ali

Ali Zarandazchi, M.D., graduated from the Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago, IL in June of 2022. He received his Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Ohio State University. Ali’s hometown is Vienna, VA. He speaks English and Persian. His hobbies and interests include cooking classic Persian dishes, working on cars with his father (mainly German and Italian cars), and skiing. He has been playing piano since the age of 5. Ali was an EMT prior to medical school. He enjoys getting to know his patients better. He thrives to form trustworthy relationships with his patients while providing compassionate and empathetic care. He is looking forward to starting a career as a family physician who always puts his patients and team first.