About Us

Meritus Family Medicine Residency is the only rural program in the state of Maryland, and is situated in a community just 70 miles from Washington, DC and Baltimore. Residents care for continuity patients in a brand new 17,000 square foot clinic facility. Residents are the only graduate medical trainees working in this community-based hospital, which is a level three-trauma center and additionally houses a newborn special care unit.

The residency is designed to develop family physician leaders, and provide an individualized approach to crafting the leadership and educational journey for each resident. Resident wellness and an emphasis on community and population health are fundamental to training and serving Washington County. The goal is to prepare residents for a wide variety of possible roles, as they progress on their own path and write their own story as a family physician.

Key Distinctions

  • Only rural FM program in Maryland
  • 18 residents (6-6-6) training program
  • New program - July 2019
  • More than 300 bed facility
  • Level III trauma center
  • Level II Special Care Nursery (NICU)
  • Flexible curriculum
  • Focus on community integration
  • Osteopathic training for D.O.s and M.D.s
  • Required education on nutrition and metabolic endocrinology
  • Integrated Point of Care Ultrasound training
  • Team-based grant application available to each class

Take a virtual tour of our New 17,000 square foot Facility below:

Burnside Bridge- Antietam Battlefield

Stories are at the core of our training program. Listening to, attesting and validating the stories of individuals are things our clinicians do every day. Honoring and respecting each other as colleagues, patients, doctors and community members brings an unparalleled richness to our lives. Both differences and similarities remind us of the wonder of life and what it is to be human. Engaging with the story of our community and our own role within it helps us to reflect on life in the context of service to others. It allows us to celebrate our strengths, honor fortitude in the face of adversity, and recognize where there is still work to be done.

What story will you bring to our team? How will you find meaning here? How will you impact, and be affected by, this community? These are the stories we are waiting to write, and invite you to join the journey with us!