September 2021 BOLD Smart Food - Apples

“Buying right”

How do you pick apples at the grocery store? Feel for any bruises or soft spots — you do not want those — and give the apple a gentle squeeze. While some types are not as firm as others, if you feel a lot of give, that apple is probably old or overripe. When the best time to buy per apple type is:



• In season: mid-August to late October
• Flavor: sweet


• In season: mid-August to late September
• Flavor: sweet + tart


• In season: late August to mid-October
• Flavor: sweet


• In season: early September to mid-November
• Flavor: tart


• In season: early September to mid-November
• Flavor: sweet

Red Delicious

• In season: mid-September to mid-November
• Flavor: sweet


• In season: mid-September to mid-November
• Flavor: sweet

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“Healing Powers”

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The king fruit not only of winter, but of all seasons, apples are a delicious and medicinal food. In many cultures, it is considered the elixir of life. According to Scandinavian mythology, the gods ate apples to remain eternally young. The Celts also considered the apple to be a special fruit. According to a legend, the one who eats an apple from a magical garden would never become sick or grow old.

“Healthful Hint”

The best apples for babies are those with a sweet, milder flavor like Gala or Fuji. These are less acidic and tart than varieties like Granny Smith, which means they will be easier on a baby’s digestive system. One medium apple will yield about five ounces of puree for baby.

“Three Clever Ideas”

1.) How do you germinate apple seeds at home?

Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep. Place a layer of moist sand in the bottom of a small container, such as a plastic margarine tub, place the apple seeds on the moist sand and then cover the seeds with additional moist sand.

2.) Apple oxidation experiment for kids

Why do apples turn brown? For this experiment, students learn about chemical changes as they observe apple oxidation. Students test different items such as water, oil, soda, vinegar and lemon juice to find out the best way to prevent the apples from turning brown. Visit for details.

3.) How to dry apples in the oven

Drying apples is a good way to preserve them for use in your favorite recipes later. It is also the secret to making apple chips, which are a tasty snack in their own right. No matter how you intend to use them, drying apples at home could not be easier — all you need is an oven and a couple of hours. Just slice your washed, cored apples into 1/4-in (0.64 cm) rings and stick them in a 225 degree preheated oven for 2-3 hours. When they come out, they will be delicate, crunchy and oh-so-sweet.