Healthy Meritus

Meritus Health’s core mission is to improve the health status of our region. Through bold goals, we hope to lead the way to a healthier community by starting with our own work family through Healthy Meritus.

Healthy Meritus focuses on several key areas where our organization will support our employees as they embrace their own health and well-being. These areas are:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Making healthier eating choices by decreasing sugar and processed foods
  • Managing high blood pressure
  • Practicing mindfulness to help reduce and manage stress

Healthy Meritus is our organization’s way of supporting the larger Healthy Washington County initiative. This county-wide endeavor is led by a coalition of public and private partner organizations with a mission to strengthen the health and wellness of the community and its residents. Learn more by visiting

The phases of Healthy Meritus will help us meet the bold goal set for our community to lose one million pounds in total by the year 2030! Meritus Health employees will find support through the three phases that include:

  • The Sweet Truth – To support healthy beverage choices, the hospital campus now offers options of diet and zero-calorie sodas, 100% fruit juices, regular and decaffeinated coffee and regular and zero-calorie flavored water. Click for a fact sheet
  • Go Low – To support lowering the intake of saturated fats, the hospital campus will soon serve food options that are more plant-based and less processed. As healthier eating choices are made, monitoring and understanding blood pressure will be important. Knowing your numbers provides knowledge and this kind of knowledge about health is powerful! Click for Go Low tips
  • Go High! – To support increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables, the hospital campus will continue to add more vegetables in dishes that are already popular like lasagna, enhance soups with additional vegetables and expand salad bar options. Fruits and Veggies

While healthier eating choices are important for both weight loss and overall wellness, Healthy Meritus will also provide and promote options for employees to increase physical activity both on campus while at work and after work hours through community events and partnerships.

Women walking

Healthy Meritus also encourages employees to access mental health resources available on the organization’s intranet and through the employee assistance program.