2021 Accomplishments

  • Developed the LEAD Charter
  • Created and published Meritus Health statement on Racism and Diversity
  • Created workgroups with volunteers from LEAD
    • Data measurement and analysis
    • Training/Education
    • Health Equity Index
    • Established the LEAD Dashboard
  • Provided review and input on the “Meritus Medical Center Prevention and Intolerance of Discrimination, Harassment, Hate and Violence in the Workplace” policy in February, 2021

An update on the goals that we committed to reaching by July 1, 2021:

  1. Develop implicit bias training and provide to 25% of our staff, then continue ongoing education for all employees. Partially met;
    • Unconscious bias training selected
    • CBT completed by the majority of leadership (98%) by June 30, 2021
    • Will provide training for ALL staff Oct. – Nov. 2021
  1. Identify at least three quality measures stratified by race/ethnicity that demonstrate disparities and implement improvement initiatives; Met;
    • Completed analysis of 12 STEEEP quality and safety measures, identifying probably health disparity in 6 of the measures
    • Health Equity Report was published, shared with Leadership and posted on website, June 2021
    • HEALTH EQUITY report
  1. Examine and report the diversity of leadership and workforce as compared to that of the community; Met;
    • Implemented the Rooney Rule; met 39.7% rate during recruitment
    • Total number of diverse employees supervisor and above (self disclosed); 6.8%
  1. Collect social determinants of health data (socio-economic, housing, education, food security) for all patient visits and update annually; Met
    • First year goal to incorporate SDOH in annual visits at rate of 10% or greater; Exceeded goal at 21.3%
  1. Build strong community relationships with diverse stakeholder groups; Ongoing
    • Zion Baptist Church health hub
    • St. Joseph and Church of the Nazarene Spanish speaking congregations
    • Other faith communities through Parish Nurse program
    • African American Health Awareness & Wellness Network (A.A.H.A.W.N.)
    • Hagerstown Hopes (LGBTQ)
  1. Share our progress toward meeting these commitments on our website and update at least annually; Met
    • Complete year end review
    • Post update on website and new goals, August 2021


Missed goals follow up actions:

  • Unconscious bias training for all staff
    • Performance group for live education in October 2021
    • Unconscious Bias training pushed through LMS for those unable to attend October live education sessions
  • Rooney Rule implement policy 90% of the time
    • Continue to measure and follow policy