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Fitness on a Holiday Schedule

10 easy tips to keep exercise on your priority list this holiday season.

Eight Tips for Holiday Endurance

This holiday season, think preparation and preservation for a happier you.

Sneaky, Silent Diabetes

5 steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

Purple Stands for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Pancreatic cancer is on the rise. Know the risk factors and what you can do about it.

Returning to “You” after Breast Cancer

Facing breast cancer? Use rehabilitation to get back to you.

Guidlines for the Girls

Breast cancer poses a threat to nearly every woman in every corner of the United States. Many of us can name friends and family affected by the disease. Fortunately, with early screenings and medical research, breast cancer is no longer a sudden ...

Prevent and Recognize Gynecologic Cancers

A guide to the prevention and detection of gynecologic cancers.

Patient and Family Advisory Council

See why a partnership among patients, families and health care providers proves to be a great idea.

How to Pack a Better Lunchbox

Build a better lunch box for healthy back-to-school eating.


Do you scramble to the Internet every time you get the sniffles or feel a twinge?

Blow the Whistle on Skin Cancer

Do you love the warm feeling of the sun on your skin – that warmth you feel all the way to your bones? Do you love being outside walking, gardening, or even just reading a book on a park bench? OF COURSE YOU DO! Everyone wants to be outside ...

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Surgery is serious business. Learn how to select the right surgeon for you.

Building a Healthier Community

Every three years, Meritus Health conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment or CHNA to help us understand the health status of our community. In 2015, with help from Healthy Washington County, and local organizations, Meritus Health began to ...

Grills, Guys and Good Health

This summer take the time to enjoy, kick-back, throw the ball around and fire up the barbecue. Worrying about your health can make life difficult to enjoy, so make sure that this summer, and every season, you are working to help prevent and lower ...

Every Day Emergency Heroes

A fall from a ladder, a car accident, a farming accident—meet two women who save lives.

Getting Teen Pregnancy Numbers Down

May is teen pregnancy prevention month. Why you should talk early and often about unhealthy and risky sexual practices.

Stroke Care: From Diagnosis to Support

Award-winning stroke care helps patients through diagnosis, treatment, recovery and support.

Preventing Premature Births

Planning on becoming pregnant? Make an appointment with an OB-GYN and know the risks for a preterm birth.

Colorectal Cancer: A Very Preventable Disease

Why people don’t get screened for colorectal cancer—and why they should.

You Can Retrain Your Balance

People with balance problems tend to fall more resulting in serious complications. Find out how physical therapists can restore your sense of balance.

Heart Health Smarts

Love your heart by focusing on total health—and talking to your doctor.

Heart Disease: Women’s Biggest Foe

Women’s heart attack symptoms can be varied and subtle. Know the signs and understand your risk.

Happy New You!

Realistic and simple: Your New Year motto for improved health.

This Year’s Most Important Appointment

Schedule 30 minutes this year to stay on top of your health.
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