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Dr. Neil Rosenshien of Meritus Health

At Meritus Gynecologic Oncology Specialists, Dr. Neil Rosenshein treats women with gynecologic cancers.

In the last five years, nearly 500 women have come to Meritus Health and been diagnosed with gynecologic cancer. While less common than breast cancer, cancer of the reproductive organs is more troublesome in its detection and diagnosis. Cervical cancer is detected by a Pap test and HPV co-testing. Ovarian cancer, on the other hand, has no available screening test, and its symptoms may be vague.

There are five gynecological cancers—cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar—and like breast cancer, cancer generally increases as women age. Although vigilance is the best way to prevent a late-stage cancer diagnosis, some cancers, like ovarian, slip under the radar screen. Ovarian cancer accounts for only 3% of all cancers in women, yet it causes more deaths than any other gynecological cancer. Having access to a cancer subspecialist like Dr. Rosenshein can make all the difference. Studies show that women treated by a gynecologic oncologist have a better chance of prolonged survival compared to those not seen by a subspecialist.

Cancer in any form is frightening. Receiving compassionate care close to home by a renowned medical expert offers hope to women. Please call us for more information on the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic and reproductive health diseases or conditions, or to schedule an appointment at the Meritus Gynecologic Oncology Specialists.

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