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Financing Weight Loss Surgery

Paying for Surgery

For many people, gastric bypass surgery is affordable because it is included in their health insurance coverage. For other people, gastric bypass surgery is a medical treatment they pay for themselves, called self-pay or cash pay.

Whether your insurance company will cover the cost of gastric bypass surgery or you are paying for it yourself, you will need to prepare detailed written documentation to support the medical necessity of your surgery. Thorough documentation of previous unsuccessful dieting attempts, including medically supervised attempts, co-morbid conditions, and other factors, such as the medications you're currently taking, can help document that gastric bypass surgery is necessary for the treatment of your morbid obesity.

Alternative Financing Options

Few people are able to pay cash up front for gastric bypass surgery. If you do not have health insurance coverage for gastric bypass surgery, but would like to have it, there are alternative financing options available to you.

Medical Loans

A popular option is financing with a medical loan. Many bariatric surgery programs work with financing companies to offer a variety of loans to their patients. Your program coordinator and the staff of the bariatric program can tell you more about the specifics.

Important Information for Self-Pay Patients

Self-pay patients, should consider the expense of complications. It's a good idea to hope for the best and plan for the worst. If you do have health insurance (even if it does not cover gastric bypass surgery), be sure to read your policy. You may find that your insurance company will cover medical costs from complications due to the surgery.

If you are considering gastric bypass surgery and need to find an alternative source of financing, the options are out there.

Talk to Your Bariatric Program Coordinator

If you are interested in alternative financing options, please ask to speak with your bariatric program coordinator. Your bariatric program coordinator should have experience in working with health insurance companies and helping patients find financing for their gastric bypass surgery.

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