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If you have been a patient at Meritus Medical Center in the last six years, you may have been cared for by your family physician. But it's more likely that you saw a new face—your hospitalist.

A hospitalist is a doctor dedicated to the care of patients in the hospital. These specialists are generally board certified in internal medicine, but they are also experts in hospital care who are on site, around the clock to provide continuous care for patients.

The Benefits of Hospitalist Care

Hospitalist care offers important benefits to patients:

  • Hospitalists are 100% dedicated to inpatient care. Because they spend all of their time in the hospital setting, they are experts in the issues that affect hospital patients.
  • Hospitalists are in the hospital around the clock, so patients always have fast access to one of these experts should they need help.
  • Research has found that patients who are treated by hospitalists are in the hospital for less time, and their medical costs are reduced. A study published in the American Journal of Managed Care found that hospitalists reduced length of stay by about one day and lowered overall costs by about $1,000.
  • Primary care physicians are able to provide faster outpatient care, because their schedules are not interrupted by hospital visits.

The Primary Care Physician's Role

Remember, having hospitalist care doesn't mean that your primary care physician is out of the loop. Primary care physicians who use the hospitalists' services can stay in constant communication to follow their patients' hospital care.

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