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Your Inpatient Care Team

Physiatrists are doctors specializing in rehabilitation medicine who will manage your clinical progress during your stay with us.

Rehabilitation nurses and nursing assistants are an integral part of the team that helps manage your nursing and rehabilitation needs. They are educators, advocates and clinicians and work closely with each member of the team to carry through what you learn in therapy.

Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants help you rebuild muscle strength.

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants share some similarities to physical therapists, but tend to concentrate on skills that are important to daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming and eating.

Speech-language pathologists help patients improve their communication skills. They assess your ability to hear and understand what is said and to speak clearly.

The social work care manager supports you and your family by coordinating your care during your stay at the hospital and assisting you in planning for your return home.

Psychologists will support you with the emotional aspects of the healing process.

Dietitians provide nutritional counseling and recommend dietary changes that may be helpful to you.

Pharmacists dispense and manage your medications.

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