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Cancer-related Therapies

Total Rehab Care offers rehabilitation for oncology patients by promoting quality of life for those who have difficulty with walking, communicating, swallowing and performing other activities of daily living, and those who need pain management, have poor endurance or swelling in the joints. Our rehabilitation program for oncology patients includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

The Voice Treatment Center evaluates and treats pediatric and adult patients for functional and organic voice disorders. Some the conditions we treat are beign and malignant lesions, neurologic conditions, vocal fold paraylsis, vocal cord dysfunction and vocal dysphonia.Aerodynamic and acoustic measures combined with cepstral/spectral analysis measures are utilized during evaluation. The patient is provided the best evidence based practices to eleviate symptoms.

The Breast Cancer Program works with the John R. Marsh Cancer Center to provide patients with integrated services that include management of pain, swelling and scar tissue, instruction and treatment for problems with range of motion and weakness. We can provide education for adapting daily living activities, exercise programs and aquatic therapies.

The Post-Mastectomy Program offers therapeutic services for women recovering from mastectomy. Physical therapy and occupational therapy focus on swelling control, pain control, scar control, and instruction in range of motion, adaptive techniques for daily living activities and a therapeutic aquatic exercise program. Counseling services are also available.

The Speech- Pathology division of the Head/Neck Cancer Program works closely with a patient's otolaryngologist, nutritionists and oncology team to provide comprehensive support throughout the treatment process. Our treatment plans are designed to target the specific needs of patients through all stages of treatment of oral and/or pharyngeal cancer. Our facility provides treatment and education for communication, swallowing, range of motion and edema/scar control.

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