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Detection and Treatment

Chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness and heart palpitations are frightening symptoms when they are happening to you or someone you know. Heart disease is alarming, but common. In fact, one person in five suffers from some form of cardiovascular disease.

At Meritus Medical Center, we offer critical life-enhancing, life-saving services for heart disease and heart rhythm disorders. Our cardiac services include the following:

Diagnostic Services

Preliminary diagnostic services for heart concerns including EKGs, echocardiographic imaging, stress testing and nuclear stress testing. Standard treadmill and dipyridamole exercise testing is also provided.

Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization lab for emergency balloon (angioplasty) and stent angioplasty and angiogram for the diagnosis of heart trouble.


Electrophysiology lab for diagnosing and treating abnormal electrical activity in the heart, known as arrhythmia. Procedures performed in the lab include: electrophysiological testing, event monitor implantation, cardiac ablation, ICD and pacemaker implantation.

Outpatient Observation

The Meritus Outpatient Observation center on 5 West is for patients who are not experiencing a heart attack, but require continuous observation. Here you stay in a private room equipped with a television and phone for up to twenty-three hours. Until there is a determination of your heart health, you and your family members maintain peace of mind knowing that expert care is only an arm reach away.
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