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Flu Vaccination: Your Questions Answered

Highly contagious and potentially dangerous, here’s why you need to protect yourself against the flu.

In the Know About Breast Cancer Risk

One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, yet despite the prevalence of the disease, most women don’t fully understand their risk. Ann-Marie N. Hugh, M.D., FACS, breast surgical oncologist with ...

It’s Time to Quit Smoking

Press Release Why the addictive habit puts your health at risk


Press Release Talk to Your Primary Care Physician

The Not-So-Sweet Side of Pregnancy

Swollen feet, low back pain and stretch marks are just some of the effects of pregnancy, but gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy, is a far more serious condition. What’s gestational diabetes? During ...

Physical Therapy after Childbirth

…Why you need to retrain your body

Menopause: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Press Release Understand your options from a women’s health expert.

Advancements in Breast Cancer Screening

Press Release Learn how you can benefit from advancements in breast cancer detection.

Osteoporosis Threapy

8 ways physical therapists can decelerate osteoporosis.

Getting a Leg Up on Osteoporosis

Midlife bone loss? Know the risk factors!

What You can do to Prevent Strokes

…And Six Tips for Better Health

Well-woman Exams: More than Just a Physical

An annual well-woman exam is an opportunity to stay on top of your health. The appointment includes a physical exam and discussion about your health to help identify serious health concerns before they become life threatening. A well-woman exam is ...

Advance Directives: Your Most Important Wish

Press Release Make informed decisions about your future health care.

Child Abuse: Hurting the Most Vulnerable

Press Release April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Learn how you can help.

Retooling Your Diet

Press Release March is National Nutrition Month: Know What You Eat! Do today’s food trends make you think you need to eat more like a caveman, a Viking or maybe even a giraffe? Do diets like the Paleo, Mediterranean and Whole 30 make you crazy with ...

What You Need to Know about a Colonoscopy

Press Release March marks National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Nelson Ferreira, M.D., gastroenterologist with Meritus Digestive Health Specialists, explains why this important screening prevents cancer. Q: What’s colorectal cancer and how common is ...

Do you Know Your Numbers?

Press Release Do you know YOUR numbers? There are four key measurements of health you should know and track. They are early warning signs for heart disease and diabetes. Since these two diseases have few noticeable symptoms, you may not even realize you are ill ...

Small Changes, Big Impact

Press Release Small Changes, Big Impact Turn over a new leaf, set goals and switch things up. We’ve all heard these catchphrases before. “Change is never easy, but it’s less difficult when change is gradual,” says Stephen E. Metzner, M.D., ...

Fitness Trackers: Are They Worth It?

Press Release Find out if this gadget can work for you.

Blood Donation: the Unforgotten Gift

Press Release The average number of holiday gifts per person is 14—and many don’t remember Christmas presents received one year later. Now that the gift-giving hoopla is over, here’s one memorable present you can still give: blood. According to ...

Fitness on a Holiday Schedule

Press Release 10 easy tips to keep exercise on your priority list this holiday season.

Eight Tips for Holiday Endurance

Press Release This holiday season, think preparation and preservation for a happier you.

Sneaky, Silent Diabetes

Press Release 5 steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

Purple Stands for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Press Release Pancreatic cancer is on the rise. Know the risk factors and what you can do about it.

Returning to “You” after Breast Cancer

Press Release Facing breast cancer? Use rehabilitation to get back to you.
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