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Managing Diabetes with Healthcare

Making a Good Match: Working with Your Health Care Provider
Are you and your health care provider a good fit? Your health is important to how well you function and enjoy life, so your health care provider can be one of your most valued partners.
Why the Doctor Asks for a Urine Sample
Few tests can match the routine urine analysis for telling your doctor what's going on inside your body.
Why the Doctor Takes a Blood Sample
You probably don't enjoy giving a blood sample, but it's an important part of a physical exam. From a small sample of your blood, your health care provider can order scores of tests.
Get the Most From Your Doctor Visits
To avoid wasting valuable time, be prepared for every doctor visit, using these suggestions.
For Seniors: Choosing a New Doctor
Whatever the reason for needing a new primary care physician, these suggestions can help you find the right doctor.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Diabetes
Are you tempted to try herbal remedies that promise to “cure” diabetes without prescription medication? Be sure you understand the limitations.
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