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Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancers
Look here for information on specific types of childhood cancer, including bone cancer, leukemia, lymphomas, and soft tissue cancer.
About Cancer
The diagnosis, treatments, and prognosis for childhood cancers differ from adult cancers. The survival rate is higher in children, possibly because childhood cancer is generally more responsive to therapy.
Cancer Treatment
Treatment options depend on your child's age, overall health, and the extent of your child's cancer. Treatment may include surgery, immunotherapy, antibiotics to prevent infections, and supportive care.
Cancer Prevention
Although doctors aren't sure what causes some cancers, encouraging a healthy lifestyle in your children will go a long way toward preventing malignancies such as lung and skin cancer when they become adults.
Living with Cancer
When someone close to your child has cancer, let your child know it's OK to feel sad, angry, and confused. Explain to your child what cancer is, and what can be done to help the person feel better.
Caring for the Terminally Ill Child
The ultimate goal in discussing death with a dying child is to help make him or her as comfortable as possible and to alleviate any fears. When discussing death, always use language that the child will understand.
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